Charcool is a cutting edge extruded film that never changes color.

  •  State of the art extruded film
  •  Shatter-resistant film deters “smash-and-grab” theft
  •  Improves comfort due to maximum heat and glare reduction
  •  Reduces fading of vehicle’s interior
  •  Improves personal safety by blocking 99% of UV rays
  •  Non-metal construction reduces signal interference



Stay cool and stay in tune with Wincos Automotive Window Films.

Wincos Automotive Window Films feature the newest technology in window film today— a high heat rejection film without the electronic interference caused by metallized constructions. Wincos window films are engineered to reject the sun’s heat without interfering with your car’s next generation technology, including: tire pressure monitors, GPS, Satellite Radio and AM/FM. Wincos window film features extreme infrared heat rejection, blocks almost 100% of UV rays and is available in two different levels of visible light transmission.

What makes Wincos window film different is that it’s based on pioneering “spectrally selective” construction. This breakthrough material blocks heat through the use of infra-red technology.


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